Rich travels the world speaking in churches, and holding massive miracle rallies, where thousands of people come to experience the Presence and touch of God. Catholics and people of all faith’s gather by the thousands to experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit, walking away not only knowing Christ the healer but finding hope and salvation as well. 

Rich has also had the opportunity to minister and pray for presidents, prime ministers and government officials from around the world, many at times revealing the secrets in their hearts thru the gift of the Spirit given to him resulting many times in their salvation and bringing direction for their lives.
Rich has been invited to minister and speak at many TV programs around America and the world; Such as the “Praise the Lord” program in 
California, airing around the world and “Behind the Scenes” with Paul Crouch Sr. of TBN. He has appeared as a guest on TBN in New York, Miami, and Hawaii and also hosted TBN’s "Praise the Lord" in Hawaii and New York. The secular news media has shown interest in Rich's outreach as they have come to his meetings to witness the presence of God and the miracles, resulting in articles on the front page of newspapers and nightly news stories. Recently MTV attended and recorded one of Rich’s meetings as he ministered under the anointing of the Spirit, as a part of a reality show based in Maui. Many times he has led them to the Lord.

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